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“The beauty of Neurology Mobile it tells us second to second what’s going on and if there is something we need to change during the surgical procedure”. Dr. Antonio Prats MD


“Through Neurology Mobile we have state-of-the-art equipment, we can do basically any kind of monitoring that is available now in the market for our patients.” Dr. Aldo Berti MD


“It’s important to have the technicians to make us aware of the changes from moment to moment during surgery” Cesar Guerrero MD


“Very professional, they get me the reports on time in proper timely fashion and I’ve been very happy with them. Without the service, the patient would probably have to go to a neurological office and wait for many hours and this way I can provide the service in house and the patient can be treated on the very same day. And it’s very convenient for the patient. Neurology Mobile has been a wonderful asset in my practice and I highly recommended to other physicians in the community.” Hortensia Soriana D.C.


“The equipment that they used is second to none. They have the very best technology offered out there in the medical industry. And the people, I think that that’s ultimately what it comes down to, when the surgeon is making his decision on what company is going to represent him within the operating room he wants somebody that consistently is going to be there to provide good service and I think that’s how Marilyn and Neurology Mobile has been able to build the foundation, the substance that they have behind them that consistence in service and the professionalism of the people she has out in the field.” Todd Gifford

General Manager of Biomet Spine

“Neurology Mobile has been awesome mostly, besides of their incredible professionalism, the readings that I get. I am extremely comfortable sending them to any neurologist on the planet because quite often if I don’t like what I see I refer to a neurologist.” Dr. Adam D. Auster

Podiatric Physician


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